one to one direct conversation with the divine is not a concept limited to the puranic times, but it is possible even today for the enlightened
The intent of this section is not to publicize ourselves nor our trust, but it is narrated for the reader to realize the need of the guru, existence of the supreme power, how things are being executed by the God - who sends these sacred souls to guide us and where it would ultimately lead us, if we follow the path shown by them.

Miracle 1- Sri Meiyadimmai ’s Mother

In 1980 Sri Meiyadimmai was in India after his return from Saudi Arabia. At that time his mother was not having the complete realization of the relationship between Swami & his Guru Shirdi Sai Baba. She was suffering from severe pain in her legs due to Diabetic Gangrene, which was recurring in spite of prolonged antibiotic treatment. One day his mother had excruciating pain because of which she wasn’t able to sleep. His mother confronted Swami saying that, his Guru who takes care of all his needs and welfare can’t he cure his mother’s illness? Swami was speechless and went with this query to his Guru. His Guru explained to him that, it is the impact of negative or bad karma accumulated from her previous births that are being executed in the form of her current illness and it can’t be cured completely. He also explained the theory of karma stating that Karma is not a punishment but simply the consequence of natural acts. Baba instructed him to apply the residue of incense sticks offered to him as Prasad on his mother’s legs and also to take it orally to suppress the pain for a while. Swami did the same and also explained to his mother that the implications of her past negative karma were the cause of her sufferings, which had no exceptions. His mother had a sound sleep as the pain subsided and she was able to realize the sanctity of Swami’s Guru as well as the necessity of Satguru - A spiritual master who knows the sequence of our past karma, can resolve the influence of the karma in present life and turn our destiny for the better.

Miracle 2- Dr.’s Daughter
(Dr. Satish can be contacted at +91 9443996697)

Dr.M.Satish Kumar, a dental surgeon who hails from Thiruchengode, Tamilnadu is a disciple of Sri Meyadimmai. This disciple has already had the vision of his Guru in the form of Lord Aranganathar, Lord Mahavishnu in vishwa rooba darisanam, Lord Rudran and Lord Nataraja in his dreams. After 4 ½ years of his marriage, God gifted him with a daughter in July 2009. But a week after her birth, the baby developed respiratory distress. She was treated continuously for 2 months by various peadtrician’s at various hospitals in Coimbatore, but her distress wasn’t relieved completely.
Satish approached his Guru for help, who prescribed a homeopathic medicine and said that it will cure her illness. He tried to give the medicine to his daughter, but it was unsuccessful as his relatives were wary of its consequences.
Then the miracle happened. One morning he saw a dream. In the dream he goes to a homeo clinic to avail treatment for his daughter, but finds that th Homeo Dr. is out of station. Dismayed he comes out deliberating on what to do next. Suddenly he gets the vision of a bird which happens to be a Garudan Satish feels as though his soul has come out of his body and is following the Garudan. The soul transcends the earth, travels across the universe. He is able to see lot of people during the journey. At the end he is left in front of a gigantic palatial door where lot of people are waiting. Suddenly the door opens and he is able to see Lord Venkatachalapathy of Tirupathi and pooja offerings were being made to him. He was emotionally overwhelmed by the divine mercy. Suddenly he finds himself being dropped into a building, which happens to be a homeo hospital. The nurse there scolds him for the delay caused in bringing the child to the hospital. She says that 2 drops of a homeo medicine (as prescribed his Guru), would have cured his daughter’s illness. Then he sees his sister coming out of the treatment room, after giving two drops of the prescribed homeo medicine to the baby. Then the dream gets over.

After seeing this dream he gives the homeo medicine prescribed by his Guru and to every ones astonishment in 2 days the baby totally recovered from the illness and all her symptoms disappeared. Such is the mercy and grace of the Guru. One who totally surrenders himself, setting aside all his ego to the holy feet’s of the Guru, all his worries are taken care by the Guru himself. Long live the Guru. Guru Vaazhga.

Miracle 3- Mr. Shanmuganandam
(Mr. Shanmuganandam can be contacted at
+91 9842338664)

Mr. Shanmuganandam, an accountant who hails from Tiruchengode, Tamilnadu is a disciple of Sri Meiyadimmai. He was suffering from a chronic problem in his left ear. He had recurrent pus discharge from his left ear. He had consulted specialists in ENT both in Erode and Chennai, Tamilnadu, who advised him that he will have to under go an expensive surgery to cure the illness.

In the year 2004 he was introduced to Sri Meiyadimmai by his brother who is also his disciple. Sri Meiyadimmai said that he would pray to his Guru to cure his illness. He gave Shanmuganandam theeruneer prasadam (sacred ash) from his Guru’s feet and asked him to come back after 1 week. To his amazement pus drainage got arrested and it has never recurred. Long live the Guru. Guru Vaazhga.

Miracle 4- Mr. Srinivasan
(Mr. Srinivasan can be contacted at +91 9095025951)

Mr. Srinivasan who hails from Tiruchengode, Tamilnadu is a devotee of Sri Meiyadimmai and is working as a supervisor in an export unit in Tirupur, Tamilnadu. In the year 2008 his mother-in-law who was suffering from dementia went missing from home. After three days of intense search they were not able to locate her whereabouts. He then approached Sri Meiyadimmai for help. Sri Meiyadimmai enquired about the same to his Guru and got back to Mr. Srinivasan with the reply that his mother-in-law was at a distance of 2-3 three KM from his house and she would be back by the next day morning. As prophesied by Sri Meiyadimmai, next day morning his mother-in-law was brought back to his house by one of his relatives. He saw her wandering near a tea shop, three kilometers from Mr. Srinivasan’s house.

Miracle 5- Mr. Kiran Upadhyaya – Camp at KSA
(Mr. Kiran can be contacted at 00966 509435013)



Kiran Upathyaya an engineer by profession hails from Karkala, near Udupi, Karnataka. Belongs to a traditional Brahmin family and is a long time disciple of Sri Meiyadimmai. His association started with Swamy in the year 1991, when both of them were working together in a company in Saudi Arabia. He was working as civil architectural supdt. and Swamy was working as stores in charge. Although being far superior to Swamy in terms of designation, he identified the Guru within Sri Meiyadimmai and has been his disciple from 1991 to till date. He has accompanied Swamy in the path breaking trip to Kodachadri also.

Al though married for a long period of time, Kiran didn’t have a child. He approached his Guru to bless him.  On his request, Sri Meiyadimmai went to his home in Bangalore and performed Vishnu Shasranama pooja. Then Swami went to Shirdi and came back and gave Shirdi Udi prasatham to Mr. Kiran. Then the couple were blessed with a daughter by the grace of Shirdi Sai Baba.

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Kinran was idle for some time and didn’t have a proper job after expiry of his foreign contract. In  desperation he went to Bangalore to get blessings from Swami. Swami assured him that he will prey to Sai Baba to bless him and gifted his pen to Kiran. Then Kiran got a respectable job with very good salary in a reputed company in Saudi Arabia. After that his financial status has improved considerably and he is playing a vital role in the establishment of Swamy’s Ashram at Nagapattinam and has been supporting Swami in His endeavor since 1991.

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