Guru - Shishya Parampara (Guru-Disciple lineage) is not only history, but it continues even today. Meiyadimmai belongs to the Guru Parampara which starts from Sriman Narayanan (Lord Venkateshwara - The Moola Guru), followed by His Shishya Thavathiru Vengusa Swamy, continued by His disciple Shirdi Sai Baba and it continues till date through His disciple like Sri Saipaadha Meiyadimmai and many others who are unknown
Sri Saipaadha Meiyadimmai formerly known as Mr.G.Amaraboopathy, was born at Rameshwaram, Tamilnadu, India in a modest family in the year 1954. He spent most of his childhood days in Rameshwaram and grew up under the guidance of his maternal grand father. Did his graduation at Mayiladuthurai and got married at the same time. Till this time he was leading a normal life just like any other ordinary person, before destiny took him towards his designated path.

His life took a paradigm shift when he settled in Chennai and met one of his relative’s Muslim friend a Saint, who was a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva. That Saint once made a visit to his house for performing a pooja. After the function, he indicated that one among the family members had the prolific grace of Lord Eshwar and pointed his fingers towards young Boopathy, who didn’t take it seriously. But for some unknown reason He felt attracted towards the Saint and met him four days later. At that point he was able to feel the unknown bond that existed between them and hence decided to stay in touch with him forever.In the days that followed, he learnt his teachings on various aspects of life with reference to the meaning of supreme power Shiva, “Saiva Siddhantam” and the divine power which connects all the religions. However due to his personal circumstances, Boopathy needed to travel to Middle East to pursue his new job. Before leaving he requested the Saint to accept him as his disciple which was humbly turned down. But he promised Boopathy that soon he will find his unequivocal supreme Guru.

In the year 1978 he travelled to the Middle East and was employed in a catering firm. During his stint there, he met a friend, who without much of personal acquaintance gifted him a book named “Shri Sai SatCharita”, which talks about Sai Baba's teachings and his devotee’s experiences. As a part of his regular routine he started meditating on Sai Baba and soon envisioned the divine incarnate himself in Bhava Samadhi and took his blessings. That was the first milestone in his spiritual journey. Thereafter Baba the supreme Guru accepted him as his disciple, after which enlightenment took place spontaneously which led him to the world of divinity. It was only after a year, at the age of 24 he was able to talk and establish soul contact with Baba. Through constant interaction and committed devotion for Baba, he gradually understood the phenomenon of human birth, rebirth and karma.
For dedicated Guru bhakthi and committed “Guru– Disciple” relationship, he was gifted with the power of “Arul Vaakku Siddhi” by Shri Sai Baba through “Manthraupadhesam” in the year 1988. There after using his divine gift Meiyadimmai listened to the problems of people who came to meet him and would put up their queries to Sai Baba for answers. What ever reply he got from Swami, he would ask the people to follow it exactly to get solutions to their problems. Since then till date He has been serving the humanity in the same manner.

Hence Meiyadimmai is spreading the message of Shri Sai Baba, that unbound love towards humanity and sacrifice (அன்பும்-தியாகமும்) is what it takes to reach the feet of the supreme power. As per Baba’s instructions he accepted his own disciples to ensure that this message is spread diversely in the society. After hard and dedicated toil of unflinching Guru Bhakti and exemplary Guru-Disciple relationship, he was gifted with the name of “Shri Saipaadha Meiyadimmai” by Sai Baba in the year September 2008.

Mr. Amaraboopathy has also authored a spiritual book in Tamil titled “SHIRDI SAIBABAVIN ARPUDANGAL?(Miracles of Shirdi Saibaba) which was edited by Sri Pon Arunachalam and published by Manimegalai Publications, Chennai. The book was launched with much fanfare and spiritual fervor by His Highness, The Honorable District Collector of Nagapattinam, Mr.T.Munusamy IAS at the Shirdi Saibaba Temple, Nagapattinam on the 14th of June 2012. The event was attended by many dignitaries of Nagapattinam. The book was launched in front of a crowd of 1500 people.

The book deals primarily with Mr.Amaraboopathy’s spiritual experiences vis-?vis his Guru and the miracles performed by his Guru in both his life and in the life of people who have come to him for guidance and with the intent of finding solutions to their problems in their life. The book is a wonderful treatise of the interaction between a common man and the Divine and the mercy showered by the Divine to uplift an ordinary man who surrenders himself totally to the feet’s of Saibaba to an all encompassing Spiritual Guru who is Omnipresent, Omniscient, Trikala Gnani and Antaryami who solves the problems of the people who approach him for mercy and blessings. A Guru who seamlessly works hard for the moral, financial and spiritual upliftment of his disciples. A Guru who by his mere glace, touch or speech inspires hundreds of people to follow the path of Dharma, even though it is very difficult to adhere to.

This book a classical example of truth in the foundation’s of the Hindu religion, the Oneness of God, Universal Brotherhood, Guru-Sishiya Bhava and Guru-Sishiya parampara, Bhakthi Yoga as wonderfully elaborated upon by Swami Vivekananda, continuous existence and blessings of Shirdi Saibaba as prophesied by him at the time of his Samadhi, the concept of “The Truth Always Triumph’s? existence of the Divine and contact and interaction with the Divine in Kali Yuga.

This book is a spiritual beacon, which is capable of initiating a Spiritual Renaissance.

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